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McArthur Scott

Who we are

I’m Fiona McArthur, company director at McArthur Scott

I started McArthur Scott with a simple mission: to deliver big on marketing whilst simultaneously delivering outstanding customer service. We use that mission to deliver amazing results for our clients whether that be in speed of sale, or by adding value to your home.

Our Mission

Whilst the rest of our website focuses on how we do what we do, I wanted to write a short note on why we do what we do.

At its very core, McArthur Scott was designed to be an ethical estate agency, there’s no smoke and mirrors, no aggressive sales tactics and there is a whole lot of transparency. We do a little dance every time we list a property and our hearts soar when we deliver an excellent result, the bottom line is that we care about you and your property.

Family Run

We’re family run, helping us work together efficiently and as the team expands we’re passing the same values and work ethic on to our McArthur Scott team members.

We started the business in 2017 and opened the doors to our very first office in January 2018 with a single property on our books and have now helped over 2000 people make their big move!

So, if you’re thinking of buying, selling, renting or letting we’d be delighted to work some of our McArthur magic for you!

Meet the team

Fiona McArthur

Fiona McArthur

Owner and Director
Lynne McArthur

Lynne McArthur

Christopher Lynch

Christopher Lynch

Caroline Edwards

Caroline Edwards



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What's your home worth?

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