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During the process of selling your house, we are here to guide you every step of the way. As industry experts, we know that it is important for every house on the market to appeal to prospective buyers. Most homes hold an emotional connection to their owners, however as part of the selling process, it is important to ensure the property can immediately connect with buyers. Let us help you in presenting your home in such a way that will:

Get the best return on your property

<span style="color:hsl( 35, 28%, 70% );font-size:14px;"><strong>STYLE TO SELL</strong></span><br>Get the best return on your property
  • Maximise your sale price
  • Achieve a quicker sale
  • Generate greater interest in your property
  • Inspire and connect with prospective buyers
  • Breathe a new lease of life into your property
  • Showcase your home’s best features
Style to sell<br />

Style to sell

We believe home staging your home before sale pays for itself. Here are Insights from the UK & Ireland Home Stagers Association Report 2020:


100% surveyed said home staging helped market their property 


71% surveyed said home staging increased the viewings on a property 


75% said home staging increased the value of their property, compared to similar properties on the market 


40% said home staging increased property value by 1-3% 


10% said property value increased by 7-10%

Need help staging your property?

Staging Consultation

Staging Consultation

Prior to listing your home on the market with us, our designer will visit your home and provide you with advice. Following the visit, sellers will receive a 2-page action plan from the designer.

Consultation includes:

  • Styling
  • Layout
  • De-cluttering
  • Simple décor improvements
  • First impressions

Style to sell

Style to sell

Let our designer add the essential staging elements to your home and immediately improve buyer appeal.  This service involves adding value to your home.

Package includes:

  • Purchasing staging items
  • Placement of items in home
  • In-home styling and dressing for buyer appeal
  • Decluttering

Full Property Staging

Full Property Staging

Working to your budget, our designer will fully stage your property in advance of listing to ensure that you are selling a home rather than a soulless property. Home buying is aspirational and therefore to maximise selling prices, it is recommended that houses are presented to prospective buyers in such a way that the buyer can use their senses to imagine living in what could be their new home. Property staging allows real life visualisation for buyers and is proven to maximise sale prices and speed up the sale. Let us fully dress your property for success.

Virtual Staging

Virtual Staging

For empty properties, virtual staging can be provided using 3D staged and dressed imagery of your property. Each room will be rendered by our designer to showcase the best features, will feature lifelike furniture and accessories whilst capturing great imagery for listings on our website.

We'll make it happen

Want to sell your property? Get in touch and we’ll arrange a free consultation to determine the best budget and market positioning for your property, and guide you through the selling process.