Looking for a quick sale?

Sometimes a traditional sale won’t work for you, maybe you need to move quickly or the idea of a chain just makes you nervous. We can offer you a quick sale, cash purchase option. Under these circumstances sales can happen as quickly as two weeks once a deal has been agreed!
We will consider most properties, in any condition.

If we feel we can’t help you we will tell you as quickly as possible and advise you on your other options.

If the cash offer isn’t where you need it to be our excellent estate agency service could be the right fit for you.

Landlord Sale

Need to sell a tenanted property?

If you have a rented property that you’d like to sell there’s not always the need to evict your tenant before putting it on the market – infact a rental income can make your property more appealing in certain circumstances. Additionally, you aren’t uprooting your tenant, managing a lengthy eviction and paying utilities whilst the property is empty and on the market.

We can put your property infront of a specific group of cash investors who look for this type of property deal and who can proceed with a purchase with speed and discretion.

Discreet Sale

We understand there are situations where you may wish to sell a property without it being listed on online portals. At McArthur Scott we offer an effective discreet marketing service providing letting you keep your private life, private!”

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